Punta Mita Cocktail Hot Spots

mixed drinks for cocktail hour

Nothing says “tropical beach getaway” like an evening spent by the ocean, watching the sun set over the Pacific, enjoying a cocktail made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Happy hours options abound in Punta Mita, with every conceivable option available for late afternoon libations (or any time of day for that matter). If you are … Continue reading Punta Mita Cocktail Hot Spots

Getting To & From Punta Mita

Sunset from airplane to Mexico

Getting To & From Punta Mita. Thanks to growing visitor numbers, and proximity to the nearby Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta, our Punta Mita guests can easily access the destination via commercial air travel, with connections through a few major US airports. In just a few hours, you can fly from chilly winter conditions in … Continue reading Getting To & From Punta Mita