What To Pack For Your Punta Mita Vacation

Your Punta Mita vacation is coming up. Now the age old question. What should you pack for your escape to paradise? What will the weather be like? How dressed up do people get?

If you are visiting this part of Mexico for a relaxing beach holiday, then you aren’t going to need a whole lot of baggage. In addition to not needing many items, there are some great boutiques in & around Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita that are sure to keep even the savviest shoppers satisfied. If you are visiting for a wedding or special event, you might need to pack a few more things to ensure that you are looking your best in this tropical resort location.

At Villa Pacifica, we want to help you prepare for your stay so you have the best vacation possible. One thing we always tell our guests is that the weather in Punta Mita is very similar to that of Hawaii. Punta Mita is on the same latitude as Hawaii, offering a beautifully welcoming beach climate year round. Temperatures during the summer months hovering around 85 degrees and winter averages about 75 degrees during the day. With weather like this, it truly is a beach lovers paradise throughout the year!Woman on beach Punta Mita

Here are some things that you don’t want to forget:

  1. A decent selection of swim suits – your days at Villa Pacifica will likely be spent lounging by the pool, or sunning yourself on your own private beach, directly in front of the villa. Swim suits are going to be your best friend. Pack generously!
  2. A wide brimmed sun hat – again, you will be spending lots of time in the sun. Don’t ruin your dream vacation by getting sunburnt on day one. Pack a decent sun hat that will give your face, shoulders and chest decent protection.
  3. Flip flops – a light weight pair of open shoes will ensure your feet stay cool, and are easy to put on & take off. Don’t forget your flip flops!
  4. A beach bag – a large beach bag is a big asset on your vacation. If you decide to spend a day in Sayulita, or cruising around the shops of El Anclote, you will want a nice big bag for carrying beach gear & new purchases.
  5. Sunscreen & after sun lotion – most of us have a preference for particular brands of sunscreen & skin care products. You don’t want to waste your vacation trying to find that La Roche sunscreen that you love so much. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen & skin care products – and if you are carrying your luggage with you when you fly, don’t forget to check the liquid restrictions that might apply! Nothing worse than having to hand your Bobbi Brown over to the TSA.
  6. A good book – nothing makes a beach day more perfect that having a good book in one’s possession, or maybe some good trashy magazines. We recommend stopping in an airport bookstore & grabbing some reading material for those long, lazy days under an umbrella, gazing over the Pacific.
  7. Running shoes/sneakers – After a few days of poolside lounging, it is likely that you will feel like taking a long walk on one of the many jogging trails, or perhaps sneak in a game of tennis? If you are the type who likes to stay active on your vacation, don’t forget your runners!
  8. Happy hour & dining out attire – the general vibe in Punta Mita is very relaxed. There is not a huge ‘scene’ where people saunter down the street in a cocktail dress and six inch heels. You are likely to feel more comfortable in a flowing maxi dress with beaded flat sandals.
  9. Smartphone, chargers & adaptors – unfortunately none of us seem to be able to survive without our smorgasbord of technical devices including iPhones, iPads & laptops. As unlikely as it is that you will forget these things, don’t forget to pack your chargers, as well as an adaptor that is friendly with Mexican power outlets. You also don’t want to miss capturing those memorable family moments on camera!!

What you should leave at home:

  1. Beach towels – your stay at Villa Pacifica includes all of the basics including beach towels. Don’t worry about packing bulky towels in your luggage, as we have it taken care of.
  2. Basic toiletries – Villa Pacifica offer guests bathroom essentials including soap, shampoo & conditioner.
  3. Hairdryer – we have hairdryers for our guests in each bathroom.
  4. Beach equipment, sports equipment – all of these items can be rented once you arrive in Punta Mita. Of course, if you are a diehard surfer who only likes one surf board (your own) then by all means bring it! However, most beach equipment & sports equipment items can be found here in Punta Mita.
  5. Stress! This is YOUR vacation. Leave the stress at home & enjoy your week in paradise.

Villa Pacifica is one of the most sought after vacation rental villas in Punta Mita, Mexico. Our luxury residence is located within the coveted Ranchos Estates, and sits directly on its own stretch of private white sand beach. Our villa is fully staffed with a house manager, concierge, housekeeping, cook & gardener. To inquire about your vacation at Villa Pacifica, call us at 888-473-8456.