Getting To & From Punta Mita

Getting To & From Punta Mita.

Thanks to growing visitor numbers, and proximity to the nearby Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta, our Punta Mita guests can easily access the destination via commercial air travel, with connections through a few major US airports. In just a few hours, you can fly from chilly winter conditions in Seattle, to picture perfect beach weather in Pacific Mexico. Mexican airlines also connect Puerto Vallarta with major cities including Mexico City and Guadalajara. Once you arrive at the Punta Mita airport, the easiest way to Punta Mita is by airport transfer or car rental. It is about 45 minutes drive away. Many of the private villas offer an airport transfer service. If they don’t offer an in house service, they will likely have a preferred partner and will be able to arrange a driver for you.

Here we will help you with your Punta Mita travel plans by describing the various options for flying to Punta Mita, as well as ground transportation, and car rental information.

Commercial Flights to Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

Scenic picture of commercial American Airlines

The majority of our guests access Punta Mita via the the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport, or Puerto Vallarta International Airport. This airport is located in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and receives thousands of tourists every year. The airport is located 7.5 kilometers from the city of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and 10 miles from Nuevo Vallarta in Nayarit state on the Banderas Bay. The transfer from the Puerto Vallarta airport to Punta Mita takes about 45 minutes.

The Puerto Vallarta airport offers all of the conveniences of modern airports including shopping, restaurants, wifi, banking services, tourist information, car rental, ground transportation services and a VIP lounge. If you arrive early for your flight, you can enjoy a Starbucks coffee, Subway, Carls Jnr, or a refreshing ale at the Corona Bar. There is a newsstand where you can buy a book or magazine for your flight, and some cute souvenir shops selling authentic Mexican wares.

Connections between major US cities & Puerto Vallarta currently include:

  • American Airlines – Phoenix, Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Alaskan Air – Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles
  • Frontier – Denver
  • Denver – Puerto Vallarta
  • Delta – Los Angeles
  • United – Denver
  • Air Canada – Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary

You can also connect with all major Mexican cities from Puerto Vallarta:

  • Aero Mexico – Mexico City
  • Aeromar – Guadalajara
  • Interjet – Mexico City

Private Jet Services at Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

If private jet travel is more your style (lucky you!), the Puerto Vallarta International Airport offers an executive jet service provided by an external company called Aerotron. Aerotron is located on the premises of the airport and offers a variety of services for private aviation. Such services include a 3,000 square foot hangar and a recently expanded ramp, built with the highest quality and most recent technology. The private jet base of operations has a VIP room, rest rooms and offers services such as hotel reservations. It also provides assistance to passengers including parking, ground transport in high-end vehicles and customized catering for high end clientele. Aerotron also offers assistance for aircraft landing and take-off including permits and aircraft cleaning. If you fancy a day trip, Aerotron offers charter flights to renowned tourist places like San Sebastian, a colonial mining town in the mountains and Tequila, Jalisco, a town that is to Mexico what champagne to France!

Private airline for travel

Airport transfers to & from your private villa from Puerto Vallarta airport.

Once you arrive at Puerto Vallarta airport, the easiest option is a private car transfer from the airport to the door of your private villa. Many villas have drivers who offer transfers to & from the airport which included in your villa rental, so be sure to check on this option first. If your villa does not offer this service, your villa manager will be able to arrange this for you, as there are many companies offering the service.

Car rental at Puerto Vallarta airport.

Car rental for Villa Pacifica vacation

If you decide you would prefer to have the convenience of a car for your stay, you might consider renting a car for the week. Having a car available during your Punta Mita vacation can be really helpful, as there are so many cute seaside towns, surf breaks, beautiful beaches, golf courses and other attractions that do require driving. Many villas offer a car service throughout your stay, so be sure to check with your villa manager before you book a car rental. There are several car rental companies located at the Puerto Vallarta airport arrival terminal including Dollar, Thrifty, Avis, Budget & National Car rental. You can view a list of these car rental companies, as well as contact details here.

There is a great article on TripAdvisor that goes into specific details of arriving at Puerto Vallarta airport. This article is really helpful for navigating some of the challenges and situations that you may face upon arrival (immigration process, cultural quirks & tips for avoiding airport scams).

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